Why Football and Raging Betting Systems Can Make You a Crook

How many times have you seen advertisements offering you betting systems that guarantee that you can make a fortune easily? You may have seen similar demands posted in betting forums around the internet, emails or spam dropping through your mailbox.

I do not mean here the betting tipsters. There are some great landfill services around, and horse racing and football, and especially the more elusive sports, and some can even make a disciplined taste for one victory. Some of the best tipsters do not even charge for their service, offering free blogs or betting forums.

My caveat in this article is referring to betting systems that claim that the gambler only has to follow the pre rules to win in the long run. The systems are claimed to win without any analysis of the event bet.

One of the most common systems for these types of encounters is the martingale system. This is a very simple idea, and at first glance it seems infallible. It is usually associated with roulette and other games with even the ability to bet, but it is often matched with racing and football. Using roulette as an example the basic idea is that you place a bet of 1 unit in red or black. If you win you are a 1 unit gain. If you lose double your bet and 2 units and bet the same color. If you win this once you get 4 units, again the gain and 1 unit whereas 1 unit lost the first bet. If you lose a double share again 8. This process is repeated until you win, in which case you get a profit of always 1 unit. This sounds easy money, but it really is.

The problem with this system is that while it seems to work in the short term, eventually a long series of losses occur. When this happens, the consequences are serious. First, the gambler needs a big pot. With only 6 losses it is 64 units, and the cumulative cost is 127 units. After 8 losses the holding is 256 and the total burden is 511. This is a win for 1 unit. Even if you had such a banking system you would break up because you would not run into a house or bookmaker limit. At this point, you will see that in the long run the odds were against you and you should have avoided the Martindale system.


Another horse racing betting system I recently read, which I will call “Background Favorites Blindly” urges you to do just that. The premise is that one day a favorite is to win one of the meetings. Your job is to set yourself the amount you want to win and, once you have won it, stop betting for the day. In the first race, your stake is the favorite that returns the desired win. If that number was 50 units and the odds are 2/1 your bet is 25 units. If you win that is the day. Easy money. If you lose now have to move on to the next race and bet enough to go back 75 units, the total desired operating profit plus 25 units you have lost in the first race. If the favorite was 6/4 the investment would be 50 units. You can see that theory seems to be fine, but reality is something else. The inevitable long losing streak would require you to have a huge bet on the bank, and a bookmaker that will give you a place in terms of very big bets. Even if you are the first, you are very likely to be the second. When that lose order happens, the profits made the previous day disappear.

Finally, watch out for betting systems. If there was a way to make money with gambling that involved only a predetermined order blindly, would any professional bother with hours of study, talking to trainers and watching gallop? The answer is no. Betting systems just make money for those who sell them. Don’t look for an easy way to win, it just makes you poorer.